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Maple Ridge Community Mosaic: Installation

On 21, Feb 2020 | In Make, News, Project | By Admin

In December 2019, after months of careful planning and preparation, everything was ready for the final installation of the Maple Ridge Community Mosaic.  The installation of the three mosaic walls took seven days.

Professional tile installer, Pedram ‘Tony’ Okhovat laying the first section of the Maple Ridge Community Mosaic on the shower wall adjacent to the main swimming pool at MRLC

Laser levels and spacers are used to make sure that the entire artwork is straight and evenly spaced

Sections of the shower wall mosaic are unboxed and prepared for installation

Tony applying fresh thinset to the waiting area wall ready to set mosaic sections

Rebecca calculating final measurements and custom cuts

Tony cutting tiles on the wet saw

Rebecca inspecting the waiting area wall

David and Tony hand-setting the edge details

Rebecca and Tony finishing the reception area mosaic

David removing the clear face tape from set tiles


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