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Maple Ridge Community Mosaic: Artwork Assembly

On 20, Feb 2020 | In Make, News, Project | By Admin

When all the custom tiles had been extruded, baked, glazed, re-fired and ready, we began assembling the Maple Ridge Community Mosaics.

The twelve custom colours for the Maple Ridge Community Mosaic

The mosaics are prepared in small sections that are numbered and correspond to coordinates on a large map.  Each of the ~14,500 custom made tiles are laid by hand, carefully following the design and using special templates to make sure that the tiles are evenly spaced.  After each section has been laid, it gets checked, covered with a layer of clear face tape, coded, mounted to a protective card and boxed ready for transport to Maple Ridge.

Checking the details to ensure a perfect fit

Quality Control

Test layout

Applying face tape and section code

Marking boxes for shipment

Loading 1500lbs of artwork into the cargo van




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