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Maple Ridge Community Mosaic: Tile Manufacturing

On 04, Feb 2020 | In Make, News, Project | By Admin

We worked closely with Interstyle Ceramic + Glass to develop unique ceramic glazes to match the twelve Maple Ridge Community Mosaic colours as closely as possible. The twelve colours used for this project were selected from the palette of landscape colours we received over Fall 2018 from public photo submissions.

Triangle tile colour matching samples

Mixing 12 bespoke colour glazes and firing the ~14,500 tiles needed is a complicated task and Interstyle are industry experts.

Colour kitchen

Interstyle is a family owned and operated tile manufacturer located in Burnaby, BC. They have been in operation since 1977 and are among the only tile manufactures remaining in Canada.

Interstyle Ceramic + Glass. Burnaby, BC.

The Maple Ridge Community Mosaic will use equilateral tiles specially made for this project from Earthenglass, a tile produced from powdered recycled glass and locally sourced clays.

Blank tile bisque

Rebecca inspecting the tile bisque

Sheets of ‘Maple Ridge Dark Green’ triangle tiles



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