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‘Motif of One and Many’ is Open!

On 19, Sep 2015 | In News, Place, Project | By Admin

We were very proud to attend today’s Opening Ceremony of Richmond’s City Centre Community Centre and the official unveiling of ‘Motif of One and Many’.

CCCC_MotifOfOneAndMany_Opening_web selection20150919_0003

Mayor Malcolm Brodie opened his welcoming speech by giving special thanks to Rebecca for her very popular floor installation.


The opening ceremony was open to the public and was well attended by people from across the community.  The City Centre Community Centre offered celebratory cupcakes.


City Centre Community Centre is located at 5900 Minoru Blvd. in Richmond and is open seven days a week.  ‘Motif of One and Many’ is located in the 2nd floor lobby.

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MOTIF OF ONE AND MANY – installation nearly complete

On 01, May 2015 | In Make, News, Project | By Admin

IMG_1028 CCCCinstall1_web 5x7_140dpi

Installation of Motif of One and Many at the Richmond City Centre Community Centre.

Motif of One And Many is nearing final completion at the Richmond City Community Centre. Many thanks to everyone involved – the floor looks amazing!  The City Centre Community Centre in Richmond, BC. is due to open in September 2015.

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Richmond Barn Owl Nestboxes

On 01, Jul 2014 | In Inspiration, Place, Research | By Admin


Garden City Lands. Richmond, BC.

The 55.2 hectares (136.5 acres) Garden City Lands, located between Westminster Highway, Alderbridge Way, Garden City Way and No. 4 Road, is within Vancouver’s protected Agricultural Land Reserve and plays a crucial role as a wildlife refuge in the City of Richmond. The green spaces like is an incredible amenity for the people of Richmond and is also a vital habitat and hunting ground for several rare or threatened species including the Barn Owl.


Barn Owl

Barn Owls can and will cohabit with other owls, bats and small birds like doves and sparrows. Barn Owls prefer quiet cavities to nest or roost either in trees or tall structures with multiple openings. They easily take to nest boxes placed on poles or mounted on modern barns as long as the box is at least 3-4 m above the ground and safely out of reach from raccoons and other predators. Once Barn Owls discover a nest box it will normally be used every year.

Art Documentation

spacemakeplace – concept rendering

Research shows that even a single nest box can mean survival for local Barn Owls and can help increase threatened populations significantly. The Richmond Nature Park, located only a short distance from the Garden City Lands, manages a Barn Owl nest box program with seven nest boxes installed around Richmond on behalf of the City. The three nest boxes located at Terra Nova Rural Park all reared young in 2014!

There is potential for at least one more Barn Owl nest box at Terra Nova and several other suitable locations have been identified around Richmond and earmarked for funding when it becomes available.

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